Profboard Professional Series Size 30x50cm
  • Profboard Professional Series Size 30x50cm
  • Profboard Professional Series Size 30x50cm

Profboard Professional Series Size 30x50cm

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without juice channel (thickness 2,25cm) incl. 6 sheets (6 colors)



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This patented cutting board allows you to work cleanly, hygienically and safely thanks to its large rubber feet firmly screwed (!) into stainless steel on the underside. The cutting board can no longer slip. This means that you no longer need cloths to strengthen the board as a base. The cutting board including the supports is made of a patented plastic that you can clean in the dishwasher at 95 degrees. The revolutionary base plate is made of the high-quality material PEHD (polyethylene). No compromises have been made in the quality of this base board. We give a 3-year guarantee on the base board that it will not bend!

The special feature of this chopping board is the ingenious, patented "click system" made of stainless steel. You cut your raw products on the upper supports, which are firmly clicked onto the base board. The supports are odourless and food-safe. They are made of a special PP material (polypropylene). There are 6 different colours according to HACCP guidelines. The advantage of this is that a different pad can be used for each product and the various germs from fish, meat or poultry can no longer mix with each other. You thus minimise the risk of salmonella and campylobacter. Black can be used for various presentations. Your knives will not become blunt. Of course, there will be cut marks on the overlays. But that is not a problem, because you can use the pads on both sides. In daily kitchen work, you can cut on each side (!) for approx. 8-10 weeks. For reasons of hygiene and your kitchen's self-checking programme, the pads should be replaced regularly. Replacement pads can be ordered at any time at a low price.

For cleaning, you can clean both the base board and the cutting supports with washing-up liquid under hot water or in the dishwasher. Please make sure that the pads stand up straight in the dishwasher, otherwise they may become deformed. They must not be under tension. Also, do not place hot pans or pots on the supports.

With the Profboard, you always have a germ-free and hygienic chopping board - also to the delight of all food inspectors. Invest once in this high-quality cutting board and the regular tedious sanding will come to an end. The profboard is always clean and lasts an eternity!


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